Alnoor Surgery

Nonoperative treatment It is recommended  when the haemorrhoids  are a symptom of some other condition or disease except of course

Complications of haemorrhoids Profuse bleeding is rare, mainly externally but some time internally. Bleeding diathesis and use of anticoagulants may

Haemorride(Piles) Haemorrhoids (Rectal varices) always start as internal  with time become interoexternal in respect of anal orifice. Classified as first

Exomphalos (syn. omphalocele) It is due to failure of all or part of the mid-gut to return to the coelom

Umbilical calculus (Umbolith) Often black in colour, is composed of desquamated epithelium which becomes inspissated and collects in the deep

Diseases of the Umbilicus Inflammations Omphalitis Umbilical Granuloma Umbilical Dermatitis Pilonidal Sinus Fistula Faecal Patent Vitellointestinal Duct Neoplastic Ulceration from

Diagnosis Based on the history, physical examination, ultrasound examination and investigations. Murphy’s sign Tenderness in RHC that exacerbate on deep

Diseases of biliary system Congenital abnormalities of biliary tract are not very common. They do matter in diagnosis and during

The gall bladder The gall bladder is a reservoir for bile, a pear-shaped structure, 7-12cm long, with a capacity of

The benign tumours include adenomatous polyps, mucus cystadenoma, fibromas, and neuromas. -A mucus cystadenoma may obstruct the appendicular lumen and

If the lumen of appendix slowly become completely occluded, usually by a fibrous stricture and pent-up secretion (mucus) remain sterile

Usually on third day, formation of appendicular mass is due to natural defense mechanism of body by which it try