Phimosis is the condition when the prepuce of penis can not be retracted behind the glans of penis. It is usually due to scaring at aperture of prepuce, leading to its obliteration that may be pin-hole, so difficulty in micturition or failure of retraction of foreskin at time of erection.

Causes are trauma of prepuce, (commonly incomplete circumcision) or infection of prepuce, balanitis (inflammation of glans penis), Posthitis (inflammation of prepuce), or rarely malignancy.

Treatment is circumcision or dorsal slit with local medication if indicated, or preputioplasty.

Phimosis post circumcision

Unusual case of phimosis

Unusual cause of phimosis. In this case foreskin was extra left after applying Plastibell, which dry up and cover the glans penis, difficulty in micturition.

See the video below.

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