Phimosis is the condition when the prepuce of penis can not be retracted behind the glans of penis. It is usually due to scaring at aperture of prepuce, leading to its obliteration that may be pin-hole, so difficulty in micturition or failure of retraction of foreskin at time of erection.

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Diverticulum of urinary bladder

The causes which raise the intravesical pressure leads to hypertrophy of the urinary bladder. Later protrusion of mucosa in the muscles will leads to multiple saccules formation, one (or more) of them may be force to protrude out completely to form diverticula.

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Ganglion wrist are common wrist swelling

Ganglion (Ganglion cyst, Wrist ganglion)

Ganglion is commonest swelling at dorsum of wrist, originate from wrist joint commonly.

Present as smooth small swelling causing little discomfort.

Treatment is surgical excision, recurrence is common if not completely excised.

Future treatment to prevent recurrence is apply Inj. SKL at time of operation.

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